Blue Tape is Expensive

..but it's pretty darn expensive.

Today, Rick and I grouted the thresholds into the bathrooms (they are 4 inch Carrera marble), as well as the couple of tiles that we had to specially cut for the supply and drain lines for the claw foot tub.

After that, we spent most of the day working on unit #102. We taped, sanded, Killz 'd, and generally prepped for texturing and painting. The blue tape in question was to secure the paper to the thresholds of the doors, to prevent the mud and paint from getting on them.

One thing we noticed is that with the claw foot tub, a shower will be difficult. The fir down on the bay windows is at about 6' 8", and the tub has 6" feet. Thus, if you are 6' tall (like me), you will only have 2" between your head and the firred down ceiling. Sorta sucks, but what can we do about it now? We're going to have bead board wainscoting in that room, and I think it will look nice, though I'm not sure about the practicalities. We probably should have had a separate shower in that unit as well.

We made good progress, then knocked off at 2:15 or so. I went to Matt & Amber's, to watch the Cowboys get decimated by the Redskins. Not a pretty game. Bledsoe had nice bookends though- essentially the first and last play of the game, he threw an interception.

It must suck to be a Cowboys player. You are either loved or hated for the week following one of your games.

Ah well..