Cruising never fits in the checkboxes.

That's a pain in the neck, because if I search all the locations on the east coast where Valkyrie could reside, there's way more than 10 of them. And if I wanted to include the west coast, I'd really be screwed.

Why can't there be a "Locations where one could live aboard their boat. Must have 9.5' of draft, and no fixed bridges below 70' between it and the ocean"?

Anyway, we're quitting early today, as we've both been going at it half ass.

I did talk to T today. She's getting the business ready to sell, and has a good prospect. She doesn't want to tell me what the deal is for though, which is very odd. It's not like I wouldn't find out when I sold the contract anyway. I want her to make a ton of money on the deal, and I'd just like to get my investment back. So if she sold it for $300k, I'd be happy for her, not approaching her with my hand out! That, coupled with the fact she wants me to sign a power of attorney for her to sell the business, makes me nervous.

Tonight I'll probably work on K's flash website, I've got all the pieces I need (I think), I just have to put them all together.