In the closet....

... painting. We primed the other day, and today was paint. Of course, to make everything more interesting, my interior designer gave me a different ceiling color than the wall color. Which means we have to mask everything. Added to that, I decided to go with an eggshell finish for the walls, and supposedly you can't retouch eggshell, or it will look too shiny.


So I don my paint suit which consisted of my tyvek coverall, my friend's ipod, latex gloves, a baseball cap, and the 3M breather (not to be used with biological or chemical warfare agents- it says that on the instructions) (obviously, I learned my lesson from the other day). Then, once properly attired, I would take the gun and walk into the closet, where Rick would be, in his normal clothes, holding the shield against the ceiling (I painted the ceilings first, with a flat white). Of course, the shield only works so well, so we'll have to go back and cut in all the ceilings with brushes, but we were able to contain most of the overspray.

The wall color, Pacer White, was more yellow than I was anticipating. But interestingly enough, it looks like the exact same color that the walls were painted before.

Once again, if you ever have to paint, spray rigs kick ass. I fully expect to be able to do all three units in one day, once we get the walls and ceilings textured.

I'll post pics of me in my stormtrooper outfit next time I have to paint...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, we got the Select Red Oak for the floors today. 89 boxes, and they didn't have a floor jack, so we had to schlepp it all by hand. (Interesting- schlepp is in the Mac dictionary for spell check). So now John's unit is nearly full with wood flooring. (Image forthcoming!)