December 14...

So today we primed the upstairs closets.

Why? You may ask. Because once we paint them, we'll move all the supplies and tools into them, so that we can texture, prime, and paint the rest of the units.

So working with the spray gun was fun. First off, if you ever have to paint, that's the way to do it. It kicks ass.

There are, however, techniques to be aware of. Since I knew nothing, I told Rick it would be like Keystone Kops go painting. He thought I was wrong, but I wasn't.

Some tips:
1. Always be sure to strain your primer or paint
2. You can turn the tip around and spray to clear it
3. Latex primer is hard to get off your face. I looked like a reverse raccoon, with my mouth and nose clear from the ventilator
4. Latex cleans up in water, not mineral spirits
5. When the tip clogs, you'll get runs if you're not careful.

Anyway, I went to order the cabinets for the kitchens yesterday. I was counting on the 10% discount, since they said $500/kitchen, and it turned into $1000/kitchen (and it was their fault), plus some. Now they're saying I won't even get the 10% discount unless I can come up with the stupid coupon from long ago. If I can't find the coupon, I'll go ballistic on someone. I will get at least the 10% off. I'm pissed about it, because $500 was great, but at $1000, I could have refinished the old cabinets or something....

Lastly, I went by Pearl Vision and got my prescription for glasses renewed. For my own reference, I was right about -1.5 Spherical both eyes, but I didn't remember my Pupil Distance (67mm). So I took that information over to, and ordered some titanium sunglasses and some half rim transition glasses. It was only (!) $218, but last time I bought that stuff it was over $500, and I think I got better stuff from them. We'll see.