Slow day...

Yesterday I got an email from a guy named Bryan, at a headhunter agency in Salt Lake City. He asked my salary requirements and if I would be interested in relocating to SLC. I replied to his email this AM with sure, for the right job, and I told him my salary history and requirements.

He called me while I was driving in, and we talked. He's going to pass me on to the HR guy at the company (Headgate Studios). Anyway, the HR guy might give me a ring, and they might fly me out there from Jackson, since it would be so close. Not sure how that would fit in with Valkyrie, nor do I know how intense their development cycle is. But Utah does have good skiing. I haven't been to SLC before. I spoke with Dad this morning and he said that he liked SLC. I asked K, because she's lived there before, but no response as yet.

Lots of areas to retouch in the texturing, because it was a lot of work. No worries, but we won't be painted before I leave. Rick can prime without me though, if we can get that setup.

This afternoon we're mainly doing takeoffs, to figure out what remains in costs. Scary how much plywood we're going to need for the subfloor. I suspect they used MDF because it was cheap. 1/4 sheathing is $13/sheet, and I need about 300 of them(!). I'm going to look for alternatives, plus I'm definitely going to look around at other suppliers. Home Depot is great from the standpoint of everything in one place, but on an order like that, I should be able to beat them.