Wii First Impressions....

Some thoughts:

  1. Neat packaging.
  2. Overdone wrapping. Everything has it's own plastic, it's own foam, etc. You could probably throw these out of a building and it wouldn't hurt it in the box.
  3. There are two clear plastic things that I don't know what they are for, and I don't see anything in the manual about what they're for either.
  4. I couldn't get past the Set Language page. I went to their online site, and it showed how to troubleshoot with a digital camera checking for the IR lights on either side of the sensor bar. Pretty cool. I had a loose wire, and that was the initial problem. Unfortunately, it still wouldn't work after that. Eventually I realized the problem was that I had no idea how to use the controller- the sensors move the cursor based on your hand movements. My suggestion would be that they show this prior to the selection page. I'm a pretty bright guy, and this stumped me for about 10 minutes. I was starting to think I had a dodgy controller.
  5. Network setup went pretty painless, but I have a MAC filtering Wireless connection, and I had to get out of the wireless settings to determine the MAC address. You'd think it would show it on the bottom of the settings dialogs (prior to Connection Test), or on the box. Also, I had no idea if it had a wireless connection inside the Wii, and it wasn't mentioned on the box. Again, this is because I didn't get to play with one in a store.
  6. It immediately had a firmware rev. No real surprise there, but it must have been large, as it took quite sometime to download.
  7. Why does it keep asking me if the date and time are correct when I go into the Forecast and News Wii Channels? Can't they write ntp time syncing code? All I should have to do is update the timezone. (Of course, DST could have screwed them this week.)
  8. Woa! What's up with the text zoom on the News page? Just had to do something wild?
  9. It's interesting that they allow a QWERTY keyboard as well as a cellphone keyboard. Sad, but interesting.
  10. There are Mii's infesting my Nintendo!
  11. The Boxing game is great. Tennis is cool, baseball sucks, bowling is entertaining.

More later...