Ryan Martell
19 Haywood St. Asheville, NC 28801 • Phone: 828.242.6586 • Email: rdm4 at martellventures.com

Duke University
Bachelor of Computer Science and Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (1995)

Work Experience
Self (August 2005- Present)
Currently in the process of purchasing and renovating three condos in Dallas, TX.
General Contractor
Aurora Gardens Group (July 2004-November 2004)
Duties: Oversaw the renovation of 18 30 year old duplexes in College Station, Texas. Duties included finding & hiring subcontractors, researching and identifying best practices, managing a budget of $200k, managing subcontractors, and performing some of the work internally. Renovations completed on time and 10% below budget.
Cambridge Interests, Inc. (June 2004-October 2004, February 2005)
Replaced old canvas awning with new 30 year paint warranty metal awning. Required hiring of crew, managing budget, and quality control. Also replaced canvas on top of 40' tower, and designed and had signage constructed. Awnings replaced on time and below budget.
Maintenance Supervisor
Sage Ventures, Inc. (November 2004-February 2005)
General maintenance on a shopping center in Sylva, NC. Duties involved finding & hiring subcontractors, researching at identifying needs at the project, and verifying all jobs reached completion in a timely manner and within budget. Oversaw the construction and placement of a 72' concrete retaining wall, and coordinated the installation of a new 40 ton HVAC rooftop unit.
LAN/WAN Installation/Support
Self Employed (various projects spanning 2001-2004)
Installed 3 commercial networks. Involved pulling cables, installing drops, building cables, configuring routers and switches, configuring systems for a mixed use environment (Linux, Unix, Windows 9x, Windows XP, and Mac OSX & Classic), setting up share points and shared printers. Also included installation of a VPN for remote access to the internal network. Some of the sites required wireless access, and, where applicable, was setup with RADIUS servers and WEP/MAC address locking, to prevent unauthorized access. Consulted on installation of wireless internet access of two large apartment complexes in Texas. Created a PHP/MySQL website for a property management company in Texas, which allows the property management company to change rates, entries, etc. as needed.
Certifications and Awards
US Coast Guard Master's License- Great Lakes & Inland Waterways, Mate Near Coastal with Sail & Tow Auxiliary (1999) PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (1990) Eagle Scout (1989)
Spanish - Working Knowledge Italian - Working Knowledge