software development Résumé overviewing:
  • Development of 4 commercially successful video games.
  • Developed 1st person rendering engine for non-orthogonal maps from scratch, and achieved 30 fps in 1995.
  • Myth: The Fallen Lords was Computer Gaming World's Strategy Game of the Year
  • Conquered model-object intersection math, using BSP trees and angle of incidence equals angle of reflection. Dwarves could throw molotav cocktails on top of building roofs and have them bounce back down on their heads...
  • Designed and implemented networking for Myth which used Linux servers in house, and the game ran on both Macs and PCs
  • Dream in C. Proficient in Java, C++, Objective C. Plus many more acronyms... (XML, XSL, HTML...)
  • Developed navigational software for Macintosh computers. Interfaces with GPS and displays digital charts.
  • Developed software to convert industry standard XML catalog into a printable PDF catalog.
  • Developed website for property management company, with search and pannable/zoomable map.
  • Installation of two office networks- from determining components and pricing, to dragging wires and making cables.
construction/contracting Résumé overviewing:
  • Contacted subcontractors, took bids, hired and managed subs.
  • Maintained all financial records of renovations.
  • Replacement of some 40+ water heaters.
  • Determined some jobs were better done in house; hired crews, supervised their labor & worked alongside.
  • Managed the exterior renovation of 18 duplexes within a $200k budget. Came in 10% under budget.
  • Coordinated the replacement of 40ton HVAC unit on top of shopping center in NC, saving property owners $10k (next closest bid)
captain/repair Résumé overviewing:
  • Three transatlantic crossings; two as Master and Commander.
  • Rigger, Refrigeration/AC technician, Diesel mechanic, Outboard mechanic, Electronics installation and troubleshooting (to the component level, if necessary)
  • Three years of navigation in the Mediterranean, two in the Caribbean. No insurance claims.
  • Master, 100 ton Near Coastal, with Sailing and Towing Auxiliary
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver