Ryan Martell
19 Haywood St. Asheville, NC 28801 • Phone: 828.242.6586 • Email: rdm4 at martellventures.com

Duke University
Bachelor of Computer Science and Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (1995)

Work Experience
Self (August 2005- Present)
Currently in the process of purchasing and renovating three condos in Dallas, TX.
Self (March 2005- July 2005)
Worked on various boats as a mechanic and carpenter. Repaired diesels, performed oil changes, rebuilt headliners, repaired AC units, installed electronics and analyzed various systems and repaired as necessary.
Self Employed (1997-2005)
Moved onto a sailboat to pursue dream of sailing and exploration. Earned US Coast Guard Captain Master's License in 2000 and completed third transatlantic crossing in January 2004. Vessel is currently docked in Beaufort, SC. Sailed over 24,000 nm, including Caribbean, Bahamas, Azores, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Malta, and Tunisia. During that time, became proficient and worked professionally as a diesel mechanic, an outboard mechanic, refrigeration and AC repairs, electronic troubleshooting and installation, rigger, and mate onboard an 80' charter sailboat.
Software Developer
Self Employed (1997-2004)
Developed a navigational package for Mac OS X. Interfaces with the GPS in real time and displays the vessel's position on a scrolling chart background. Maintains waypoints and routes, and handles uploading and downloading of waypoint information into various GPS models. It is able to open charts from BSB, Maptech, and the new NOAA ENC vector chart format. The program integrates through the internet to a website, which allows it to check for updates, send bug reports, as well as register the pay through back end PayPal integration. Website is PHP/MySQL based. Software was initially written for Mac OS Classic, and was then ported to Mac OS X, using Objective C and Xcode.
Certifications and Awards
US Coast Guard Master's License- Great Lakes & Inland Waterways, Mate Near Coastal with Sail & Tow Auxiliary (1999) PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (1990) Eagle Scout (1989)
Spanish - Working Knowledge Italian - Working Knowledge