Ryan Martell
19 Haywood St. Asheville, NC 28801 • Phone: 828.242.6586 • Email: rdm4 at martellventures.com

Duke University
Bachelor of Computer Science and Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (1995)

Work Experience
Martell Ventures, LLC
SplashMedia, LP - Software Consultant (2005 to Present)
Responsible for End-to-End Streaming Solutions for Video over the Internet

  • Scheduling of the video assets, using a tool written in C# to parse an Excel spreadsheet and update a MS/SQL database, as well as generate a play list compatible with studio automation software.
  • Developing a web service, written in C#, to serve as a back end for all forms of client. Service handle authentication of users, ad serving, viewer history tracking, determining which Video On Demand assets a user can see, etc.
  • Creating a client application, in C#, that authenticates with the web service, and streams the video from the scheduled, "Live" feed, or from the Video On Demand library. Integrated with edge service providers to provide for secure streams (Akamai, Limelight).
  • Creating a client web site, using Web 2.0 methodology (AJAX & JavaScript, CSS, XML), to communicate with the web service and allow watching the live stream over the Internet.
  • Creating a cross platform (Windows and Mac OS), fully custom video player in C++, using OpenGL, FFMPEG and SDL libraries to support live streaming and VOD streaming on Macs and PCs, with a common user interface. By utilizing OpenGL and creating the video player from scratch, I was able to perform interesting effects, like video on a texture, and overlaying Flash assets (vector based) on to video (for animated lower thirds). There were no "black boxes"- I was responsible for data from network arrival to display on the screen. Also involved adding network protocol support - h.264 RTSP and WMV/MMS support to FFMPEG.
  • Development of several internal tools, in a variety of languages, such as:
    • Automating uploads to edge servers
    • Automatically inserting metadata into video assets from entries in a database.
    • Appending "Badges"? to lower left corners of images, as a Mac Automator action.
  • Developing ASP.NET website for handling purchasing of video and audio assets, using secure tokens, keeping track of download counts, and generation of iTunes compatible podcasts for management of purchased assets.
  • Customizing ASPDotNetStorefront code for the company (C#/SQL/XML/XSL), to support purchasing downloadable assets.

LAN/WAN Installation/Support
Self Employed (various projects spanning 2001-2004)
Installed 3 commercial networks. Involved pulling cables, installing drops, building cables, configuring routers and switches, configuring systems for a mixed use environment (Linux, Unix, Windows 9x, Windows XP, and Mac OSX & Classic), setting up share points and shared printers. Also included installation of a VPN for remote access to the internal network. Some of the sites required wireless access, and, where applicable, was setup with RADIUS servers and WEP/MAC address locking, to prevent unauthorized access. Consulted on installation of wireless internet access of two large apartment complexes in Texas. Created a PHP/MySQL website for a property management company in Texas, which allows the property management company to change rates, entries, etc. as needed.
Senior Software Developer
Micro*D, Inc. (2002-2004)
Integrated various open source programs, using Java, to allow the creation of a PDF catalog from an XML description file. This program is used by the furniture industry to take an industry standard XML schema and convert it into a catalog document with pricing information, significantly shortening the time-to-market of the catalogs. By using Java and open source, it was possible to develop on a Macintosh for distribution on Linux and Windows platforms.
Software Developer
Self Employed (1997-2004)
Developed a navigational package for Mac OS X. Interfaces with the GPS in real time and displays the vessel's position on a scrolling chart background. Maintains waypoints and routes, and handles uploading and downloading of waypoint information into various GPS models. It is able to open charts from BSB, Maptech, and the new NOAA ENC vector chart format. The program integrates through the internet to a website, which allows it to check for updates, send bug reports, as well as register the pay through back end PayPal integration. Website is PHP/MySQL based. Software was initially written for Mac OS Classic, and was then ported to Mac OS X, using Objective C and Xcode.
Senior Software Developer
Bungie Software Products, Inc.
Senior Developer/Myth: The Fallen Lords (Team size: 3 programmers, 4 artists) (August 1996- November 1997)
Cowrote Myth, a third person, three dimensional tactical war game. Responsibilities included all platform specific code (Myth shipped simultaneously on Mac and PC platforms), all networking code, all file management code, all 3D model rendering/collision code, and content design.
  • Myth: The Fallen Lords won the following accolades:
  • Game of the Year (Computer Games Strategy Plus)
  • Game of the Year (MacWorld Magazine)
  • Strategy Game of the Year/Hall of Fame: Best Games Ever (Computer Gaming World)
  • Realtime Strategy Game of the Year (PC Gamer)
  • The "A" List (PC Games)
  • Top 50 Games of All Time (OGR.com)
Senior Software Developer
Bungie Software Products, Inc.
Lead developer for Marathon 2 for Windows 95 (Team size: 1 programmer, 1 artist) (January 1996-August 1996)
Ported the Marathon 2 engine to Windows 95. Allowed Bungie to gain knowledge of the Windows market, make necessary contacts within Microsoft and increase or knowledge of the Windows 95 operating system.
Senior Software Developer
Bungie Software Products, Inc.
Marathon 2 (Team size: 3 programmers, 2 artists)
Updated the Marathon engine, added new features, and new levels. Rewrote the entire networking architecture, revamped the look and feel, added cooperative network play, and enhanced the store line interface. Marathon 2 was the first FPS that had a cooperative network play mode. Marathon 2 won MacWorld's Game of the Year, and sales were in excess of 100,000 units.
Senior Software Developer
Bungie Software Products, Inc.
Marathon (Team size: 3 programmers, 1 artist)
Cowrote Marathon, a first person perspective action game, for Macintosh computers. Duties included rendering engine, map editor, interface design, weapons code, and all file management and manipulation. Marathon won MacWorld's Game of the Year, and sales were in excess of 100,000 units.
Certifications and Awards
US Coast Guard Master's License- Great Lakes & Inland Waterways, Mate Near Coastal with Sail & Tow Auxiliary (1999) PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (1990) Eagle Scout (1989)
Spanish - Working Knowledge Italian - Working Knowledge
Computer Skills
C/C++/C#/Objective-C - Highly Proficient JavaScript - Skilled MS SQL - Skilled Java - Intermediate PHP/MySQL - Intermediate XML/XSL - Intermediate