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From Halo to Crowdfunding

Pioneering problem-solving for the digital age

Ryan Martell helped create the codecs that power online gaming today as a senior software developer at Bungie through the 90s. He’s also Martell and the company have grown with the internet from there, taking on increasingly complex problems from video streaming to crowdfunding.

Martell Ventures continues to create solutions in complex environments where none may have been available prior. The challenge of diagnosing complex problems and creating straightforward solutions drives Martell Ventures to continue improving digital lives across the business spectrum.

Charting the Course

Martell started into business by developing a navigational package for Apple’s OS X that interfaced in real time with GPS and various map databases along with payments systems. During this period, he also used Java and XML to create PDF catalogs that saved time and money for the furniture industry.


While accomplished on the software side, Martell spent 2001 to 2004 also leveling up hardware knowledge through various projects installing LAN/WAN networks as well as VPNs and other networks with complex individual needs.

Setting Sail

From 2005 on, Martell Ventures evolved into a digital problem-solver. From end-to-end streaming solutions and database management to client applications and websites that require tech know-how, Martell Ventures has worked largely on referrals from ecstatic clients.

Our Team

Ryan Martell

Founder & CEO

Bob Weins

Strategy Implementation

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Unique problems require custom solutions

There are many ways to solve technological problems. Sometimes an off the shelf solution might do what you need other times it requires custom software. And often, it requires a little bit of both – existing software with custom enhancements to meet your needs.

Martell Ventures can help guide you through this evaluation and implementation process.

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