Project Overview


Launch : 1st Jan 2018

Patronicity’s mission is to help individuals, organizations and local governments fund community improvement projects. They do this with a three pronged approach:
Grants Management – Patronicity partners with philanthropic and governmental donors to manage matching grants which fund locally supported projects.

“Crowdgranting” – Patronicity offers a project vetting process that determines if the proposed community project will qualify for a matching grant. Qualifying projects are provided access to its robust crowdfunding platform and are assigned a dedicated coach to assist them through the fundraising process.

Placemaking Consulting – Provides individualized consulting on how to connect with the community to develop local awareness and build financial and volunteer support.

We created a digital environment that (i) matches donor grant requirements with local projects; (ii) leverages grant dollars through crowdfunding; and, (iii) guides project leaders through a process that is engaging to the local community. With a ninety-six percent success rate, Patronicity is, to our knowledge, the most effective grant management + crowdfunding platform in the world… raising more than $54MM for 1,400 projects.

Where We Started

When we started work in 2014, Patronicity’s crowdfunding platform was not scalable and grant matching/management was manual. Furthermore, it lacked online tools to assist community leaders market and manage their local improvement projects.

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The Plan


Step One

We started this engagement by: (i) learning the client’s growth strategy and pain points; (ii) dissecting the existing code; and, (iii) working with company’s and donor leadership to identify and prioritize website features that would best support their mission and long-term growth strategy.


Step Two

As normal, we stabilized the current platform then focused on scalability and automating the grant matching/management functions. The latter was imperative as it allowed Patronicity’s grant-matching donors to analyze the effectiveness of their grants.


Step Three

We are currently “finalizing” a third iteration of the platform that is efficient, scalable and can be managed by Patronicity’s internal staff.

The Outcome

Patronicity has become one of our personal favorites… many of our staff have used this platform to launch and manage community improvement projects in their towns.

SInce 2014, Patronicity has grown from 800 users with donations totaling $25k to more than 158,000 patrons, 1,400 projects and $54MM in funds raised. Today, funding agencies/donors are provided a portal to: (i) view grant applications; (ii) tailor grant requirements; and, (iii) manage funding releases. Furthermore, the automated project marketing tools are being augmented with individualized consulting services under a newly created sister company, Bench Consulting.

Tech We Used

Tech We Used